[CQ-Contest] QSL Cards (blanks) & Labels

Dan Violette - KI6X danki6x at pacbell.net
Fri Nov 13 15:33:11 EST 1998

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I need to order another batch of QSL cards for myself and have 
previously gone through all the methods of creating, printing, and 
copying of the cards themselves and don't need help there.  My 
questions this time has to do with the layout/labelling.

If you use labels on the cards as I do in most instances, have you 
figured out how to keep the pile from being lopsided.  Happens when all 
the labels line up when you prepare a batch to send to the buro.  The 
labels make that part of the card thicker and very hard to stack very 
high.  Maybe I can make the cards with half having the QSO info 
section on top and the other half on the bottom so they cancel each 
other.  I would think this would be a little funny with the label above the 
callsign, but who knows.  Labels in the middle sort of help.

My other question is for ideas to print directly onto the card, maybe as 
the card is printed or after on an uncut sheet.  Most of the ways I can 
think about seem a lot harder than just printing labels and sticking them 
on cards.

So the two questions are:

1.  How to keep stacks of labelled cards from being 'lopsided'

2.  Methods to print directly onto card (using inkjet/laser printer)

You may send directly to me and I will briefly summarize in a few days 
to the two lists.

73, Dan KI6X
danki6x at pacbell.net

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