[CQ-Contest] Diversity Reception

thompson at mindspring.com thompson at mindspring.com
Fri Nov 13 12:33:22 EST 1998

All this talk of diversity reception (I feel two radio is beyond diversity).
reminds me that there were dual diversity transceivers years ago but they
were never adopted by contesters.  The rare Cosmophone 35 and 1000 allowed
you to quickly transmit on frequencies far apart easily.  They labeled
themselves "dual diversity, too.  Hallicrafters allowed dual diversity with
their SR2000 and SR400/400A transceivers by using the remote VFO.  You could
listen or transmit on two freqs at once. )and the SR2000 put at 1KW oup
using a pair of 8122's.

the next step came by using a transceiver with an outboard receiver.  I sued
the Drake R4A or B with a Ten Tec Trition IV for a number of years.  At
least there was no out of band by mistake.

A number of years ago Bill KM9P operated from N4RJ with dual Kenwood 830's.
This again expanded the operating capabilities.   You gotta have tunable
ears to make this work.....

73 Dave K4JRB

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