[CQ-Contest] WW CW approaches....

Dale L. Martin kg5u at hal-pc.org
Sat Nov 14 09:11:31 EST 1998

As CQ WW CW approaches, I have been thinking back to things that
I experienced in last year's contests and in some of the contests

First off, I was and will be operating QRP in the contest.  But,
I think my question may be pertinent to even the high power
stations (you're not strong everywhere, all the time!).

When working a station who has busted my call, I usually preface
the exchange with his call, my call and the exchange.  If I'm
really in doubt about the path between us, I will even append my
call on the tail end of the exchange to further emphasize the
need for him/her to check and correct my call and give him
another opportunity to copy it correctly.

What do you do if the station gives no acknowledgement of the
change (TRLog takes care of this nicely; other s/w may do so,
too), but simply sends "tu test ...."

Last year, I was partially successful in getting the station's
operator's attention to get them to either make or acknowledge
the correction to my callsign.  In some others, I was not (they
got quick responses to their "tu test.." or CQ, etc.).

If I have some doubt as to whether the station corrected my call,
should I persist in trying to get his attention?  I did that with
one station, calling and getting his attention 2 QSO's later, and
I actually think the guy has me in the log twice--as kg5u and
whatever it was he originally copied as my call.



Dale Martin, KG5U
kg5u at hal-pc.org

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