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<< > What incentive does the runner have to log zero-point QSOs? >>

I have had a give and take with Lee about this on a PRIVATE level, but I'd
like to share some more thoughts with the group.

1.  If you are walking down the street, and you see a 12 year old trying to
steal a purse from a 90 year old woman, WHY DO YOU TRY TO HELP?  Psychologists
say that this is really NOT altruism, but a reflection of how YOU would want
others to react if YOU were "being mugged."  You can say, "what goes around,
comes around."  I would say that it is in the best interest of EVERYONE to log
EVERY "zero point" qso, because WE ALL NEED THEM for a mult (at least 6 of
'em, up to 12 of 'em) per contest.

2.  If you feel that you might be the victim of "non-logged zero point qso,"
simply work more than one!  If you are THAT SERIOUS that you care about losing
a mult (and I CERTAINLY am!), then it is WELL WORTH YOUR TIME (another couple
of minutes?) to get an "insurance" qso with that mult.

3.  In every situation in life, there are only so many factors you can
absolutely control.  What the other guy logs is NOT one of them.  Look at your
UBN list and you will see just how many times you "worked" someone who did NOT
log your call!  If you are a W2 and some DL or G3 fails to log you (for
whatever reason), you do NOT go on-and-on complaining about it and
contemplating your own non-participation in the next contest because of it.
Why does this SAME event cause such emotions if it is a "zero pointer?"  Gee
whiz...just work another one during the contest.  I can NOT understand why
anyone would let such an occurance "ruin" the action/fun for them in the other
47.9 hours of the contest.

4. Finally, take a look at what a "multiplier" is worth TO YOU!  If you are a
"medium to little pistol" in the HIGH POWER category, maybe you make 500 qso's
with 100 zones and 300 countries.  For ease, let say all your 500 qso's were
with 3 pointers.  That means that every "zero point" multiplier is worth 1500
points.  If it is a double mult, then 3000 points...for ONE qso!  If you made
over 1000 qso's in the contest, then, well...you can do the math too.  In MY
book, that is WELL WORTH getting a "backup" qso from another station or two in
the couple minutes it MIGHT take.  It only MAKES SENSE.

de Doug KR2Q

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