[CQ-Contest] Zero-point QSO's in CQWW

K4ab at aol.com K4ab at aol.com
Mon Nov 16 17:03:57 EST 1998

>  My experience shows that same-country contacts are generally made when
>  are slow.

My problem is 40SSB trying to work a W/K mult.  The way I see it is:

1) Make a sked.
2) Move someone.
3) Make a QSO with a non-contester on 40 SSB.

Since making before contest skeds seems to be frowned upon, and a non-
contester might give you a true unique, the only option appears to move
someone.  Not a big deal, but would you move to 40 SSB for a zero point QSO?

Larry K4AB

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