[CQ-Contest] Zero-point QSO's in CQWW

Tom Osborne w7why at mail.coos.or.us
Mon Nov 16 21:42:49 EST 1998

On 16 Nov 98,, Bill Fisher - W4AN <w4an at contesting.com> wrote:
> Personally I believe eliminating country to country QSO's is a good thing.
> Yes a SMALL percentage of people will miss 40 zones or 100 countries, but
> I dont think the impact of a rule change on 2% of the entrants should
> dictate the direction of the contest.  Rules should always be changed (or
> not) to benefit the majority of the participants.

Hi Bill

What is the reason for eliminating country to country contacts?    Are you
afraid it would turn into a domestic SS type contest?  Just curious.  I
always thought the idea of a contest it to work as many guys as possible in
a given time.  If we would give a point for country to country QSO's, it
sure would be a lot more interesting for the little guys on the lower bands
(like me) who can't run Eu. on 80 and 40 at night.
IMHO   73


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