[CQ-Contest] 0-point qso's

Hill, Russell C. margoh at compuserve.com
Tue Nov 17 00:21:53 EST 1998

Most of the discussion seems to have been from the viewpoint of the CQer.
>From the viewpoint of the S+Per, if I hear someone CQing and he is a
0-pointer for me, I am going to keep right on S-ing without P-ing, cuz I
don't care to waste my time adding another 0-pointer to my log.  He may
need me for a mult, but the odds are he doesn't, so no loss.

If, however, he were a 1-pointer for me and I a 1-pointer for him, then it
would be a desirable Q for both of us, and well worth the time.  

If DX is worth 3 points and "locals" worth 1 point, most of us will be
working the 3 pointers--seems obvious.  But when the band is only open
"locally", that is, same country and only 1 pointers are available, where
is the harm in working as many 1 pointers as possible instead of having
many calling CQ and only 0 pointers happening?

It seems like shooting ourselves in the foot to know on the one hand that
it is in our best interests to recruit new contesters, and at the same time
discourage potential recruits by telling them that we are not really
interested in having the contact.

My .02, 73 to all.


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