[CQ-Contest] CW speed - send vs. copy

Gerry Hull windev at inetmarket.com
Tue Nov 17 12:29:11 EST 1998


Here's my 2c on the CW send-receive issue:

1.  While calling CQ, I send fast, as fast as possible.   My typical
    CQ speed ranged from 33 - 38 wpm.  In past SS', I've had stations
    come back and say QRS.  I did'nt have a single station do this
    in SS this year, and their were plenty calling.  My CQ and exchange
    was sent via CT, while I had an external keyer set up to send
    repeats at 15-20 wpm.  Now, even though some people came back at
    less than 20 wpm, I still sent them the exchange at whatever my
    current speed is.  I certainly have no problem if the op comes back
    with an exchange at 15 wpm, as many do.  If the op then says "agn please",
    I would then use the keyer and send the exchange at their TX speed.  
    In general, I figure that if they are answering my CQ, they
    should be able to copy.  Besides, one of the purposes of the contest is to hone your
    CW skills.
2.  Before I was good at CW, I did like most others -- listen to a station
    calling CQ, then respond once I had most of the "static" data.  SS is a
    great contest for pushing your CW skills.  Call CQ in the "slow" portion
    of the band, but push yourself by S&P'n thoughout the band, and calling 
    even the fastest of ops.  Reply at any comfortable speed.  I promise, we don't bite!
    Just my 2c...  
    BTW, W1VE   NH     53,534     337x71 in 7 hrs, 40m low power

   -Gerry, W1VE, VE1RM
At [Mon, 16 Nov 1998 22:18:42 -0800] "Dan Levin" <djl at andlev.com> wrote:

> Ok, I admit it.  I can't copy code very fast.  Maybe 15 wpm, on a good day,
> if I know the format of the exchange.
> But I got on for SS CW to help the club, and now I can imagine getting on in
> a very casual way for other CW contests - just to give out a Q to the
> deserving.
> For SS, I could hang out in the slow speed portion of 15 meters (well, on
> Saturday I could), and call CQ at 15 wpm.  Worked great - very few folks
> called me faster than I could copy.
> But S&P was another matter.  How to deal with folks running along at 25+ wpm
> when I am a slow-poke?
> Now, I am not stupid.  I wasn't trying to call folks with a pile-up - I was
> almost always the only person calling.   Most of my S&P was Sunday, when
> everyone's rate was lousy anyway.  Most ops, to their credit, did an
> excellent job of replying at a reasonable speed - they CQ at 25+, I drop my
> call at 15, they send me the exchange at 15.
> So far, so good.
> Now what do I do?  Do I send my exchange at 15, or at 25?  That is the
> question.
> Seems to me that I should probably send it as fast as I think they can copy
> (using a computer to do the sending, so the fist is good) - saves the
> running station time.  But it is a small hassle for me (to change speed back
> and forth), and if I need to actually send by hand (for a fill, say) it will
> be slow (I can't send fast by hand) and if I ask them to repeat something, I
> want them to understand clearly that I need the reply in slow motion.
> Here is a chance for you serious CW types to train me - eventually I will
> get my speed up, but in the meantime how should I behave?
> Thanks,
>             ***dan
>             Dan Levin, N6BZA
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