[CQ-Contest] Zero Point QSOs

McLauchlin, Mark A Mark.McLauchlin at PSS.Boeing.com
Tue Nov 17 13:00:07 EST 1998

Always participating as a low power, single op, unassisted entry, zero point
QSOs that I pursue for zone mults make a big impact on my score.  Someone
made a comment earlier about how working the occasional zero pointer was OK
as long as they weren't lined up to work him.  And so what if they are lined
up to work him?  They certainly wouldn't be calling if they didn't need the
zone multiplier now would they?  This attitude of "I can't be bothered" just
doesn't wash with me.  There have been plenty of times when I've called a
domestic station for a needed zone mult only to end up being ignored and I
knew darn good and well that they could hear me.  The suggestion of trying
for domestic zone fills during slow times on the band is a good one except
that maybe the zone that I need isn't available to me when the band is slow.
It makes sense for me to work them as I find them.  Using 100 watts and wire
antennas, I can't afford to be picky and I can't wait around for the band to
be slow (it isn't just the DX that you can't hear).  I think the solution is
simple - if a station calls you - work them regardless of whether you get
any points for it or not.

Mark McLauchlin - KN7T

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