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Tue Nov 17 17:58:55 EST 1998

On 16 Nov 98, W2UP wrote (in a discussion of zero-point CQWW QSOs):

>I would take it to the extreme. Anyone who has a habit of not logging 
>zero pointers (meaning at least 3) should be disqualified for 
>unsportsmanlike conduct.
>73 Barry
>P.S. Yes, I believe in the death penalty too.

Geez, Barry...isn't the death penalty a bit strong for not logging zero-

I'll be sure to log you anytime you call!


Doug K1DG
(who logs 3-pointers, since it helps the logcheckers, hands out some 
multipliers and verifies that all that RF is going somewhere and the antenna 
is still up even though no DX is answering me)

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