Jon, W4ZW w4zw at home.com
Wed Nov 18 08:29:39 EST 1998

SASE QSLing and the costs of QSLing could be solved with e-mail QSLs.  I use
E-mail QSLs for the US Islands program and receive them all the time from DX
stations.  Standard E-mail format, quick, simple, and fast.  IMHO, paper and
mail QSLs are nice but are rapidly becoming dinosaurs in our Internet
society.  As to the cheating business, anyone who wants to cheat can dummy
up a QSL from anywhere with his computer and color printer.  Many of the
QSLs I receive now are made on a computer.  Anyone who will go to any means
to get a QSL type certificate is only kidding himself.

Rare DX-peditions often post their logs and checking for contacts is quite

Of course, to put my opinion in perspective, I lost all my QSLs in a move 9
years ago (two trunks full dating from 1955) and do sometimes miss the
memories when I was a teenager of receiving that rare and exotic QSL.  I was
especially fond of DU7SV's beautiful green QSL.  I still receive about a
pound of cards each month from the bureau and wish I could just E-mail them
out if I had the addresses.

Jon Hamlet, W4ZW
Casey Key Island, Florida

"A little bit of paradise in the Gulf of Mexico"

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