[CQ-Contest] CW speed - send vs. copy

Simon Ravnic Simon.Ravnic at uni-mb.si
Wed Nov 18 12:25:34 EST 1998

>A general comment on contest speed:  If you call is somthing like S55HSH,
>perhaps sending it at 40+ wpm is a good way to boost your NIL tally.
>Scott  K9MA


Well about the S5. Friend of mine, Jani, S55HH doesn't work CW at all. 
Reason? Well obvious. But once we worked (tested) a russian guy on 6m
with his call. It was send at faster speed (don't remember what) and
only once but the guy copied it with no hesitating. 
What's the point? Scott, K9MA is saying that one shouldn't exaggerate
when CQing, but it depends a lot of the receiver (I mean the op not the
rig) too. 

Simon, S53ZO

btw: Did you know that S55HH and HH5HH have both exactly 21 dots. So maybe
if they join together, they can have a award or sth.

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