[CQ-Contest] CW speed - send vs. copy

Robert Naumann n5nj at worldnet.att.net
Wed Nov 18 13:07:29 EST 1998

ZF2NT said:
>If a guy can't copy me at the speed
>I'm sending, then he shouldn't call me.  I don't WANT him to call me if
>he can't copy me.

OK enough heard from the "foreigners".    In a DX contest, what
Bruce says is generally true.  If the guy can't listen to 3 or 4 rapid qsos
and figure out what he's going to get, forget it !  Just sending QRS
takes a lot of nerve in a pileup.

In SS, it's  a different story - especially on Sunday afternoon when you're
lucky to get a 40 hour going.  QRS appended to the end of the call in SS is
fine as it serves to reduce the necessity to waste time doing fills.

I also think you should send at whatever speed you're most comfortable that
not negatively affect your rate by keeping less skilled operators from
calling you.
I also would not automatically match the calling station's speed - unless he
tacks on a
QRS request when he calls.

I did have this happen several times in CW SS and it works well !

Bob N5NJ

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