[CQ-Contest] More FOUR HOUR FUN sessions

Ward Silver hwardsil at WOLFENET.com
Tue Sep 8 07:49:46 EDT 1998

> I second the motion and thoughts of K9NX for more sprints, and sprint-like
> activities. 
> What is the mechanism needed to:
> 1. Ask the question to the bretheren......Do we want MORE sprints etc??
> 2. If the answer is YES....who needs to talk to who to make it happen??
> 3. Follow through on needed actions to make it happen. Who? How?
> There is nothing quite like doing a 4 hour total adrenalin contest....and
> then still having the rest of the weekend. Not advocating changing any 48hr
> tests, or diminishing any existing fun channels, just adding more. 
> I think the bimonthly sprint is a great idea.
> who? how? when?
> 73 
> Danny K7SS

Since the main problem with having a contest is the organizing and
reporting thereof, let's do away with the bid'niss end and just have a
"do it and post it" format.  Same contest - just report on the honor
system.  Post to the 3830 reflector - no log checking, call your own
fouls, and so on.  Good practice for the more adjudicated events.

73, "Ed"ward N0AX

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