[CQ-Contest] Voice Keyers

Patrick Barkey pbarkey at gw.bsu.edu
Thu Apr 8 09:24:41 EDT 1999


I don't really think of myself as being a super-knowledgable SSB contester,
but let me share a couple of tips with voice keyers (I used the DVP).

Regarding the "heat of the moment."

I constantly re-record CQ's, QRZ messages, etc. during the contest
according to the pace of the contest at that point.  It doesn't take
any time at all, and solves your problem of matching the tone of voice
with the rate.

You can also record more than one CQ.  I usually have a "baseline"
CQ loaded in F1, a very short CQ in F6 and a long, leisurely CQ in F7.

I agree with your sentiments about the alphnumerics.  I do, however,
make use of the DVP for more than CQing during at least one crucial
time during a contest - when I'm eating.  When someone comes back
to a CQ and I have a mouth full of K3LR chili, I just mumble as best I
can their call sign and hit F2!



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