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KL7RA Fairbanks Alaska kl7ra at icefog.gcgo.nasa.gov
Thu Apr 8 13:00:20 EDT 1999

After a six year layoff KL7RA once again joined the Multi-Multi
wars. It was great fun. Most of the gear hadn't been turned on in
years. Throw a switch, jump back. All of it did finally work for the

Because of a late testing schedule I want to thank a few folks that
helped me out, but didn't have to.

Don at HRO who made a special trip to the PO as they normally use
FedX.  Donna at Heil Sound that threw a Proset and IC781 adapter in a
box and got it to me the day before the contest when I made a radio
swap on Monday.  Gary at Unified Microsystems W9XT who sent me a
replacement chip no questions asked.  Tree who offered to add a
feature to TrLog for me, re-compile the software and get it to me
Thursday night.

Thanks for the extra support and I hope contesters around the world
support you.

Summer has finally come to the arctic. We have a winter ice bridge
across the river in town and the last truck for this season didn't
make it Easter Sunday. I think I will be able to start antenna
projects pretty soon as it's now 10 below zero with blowing snow.
Having high winds is usually a sign the frigid cold is over. Bright
aurora overhead horizon to horizon. Bands are dead. See all at

73 Rich  KL7RA  

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