[CQ-Contest] Award: ARCI "Grand Slam" (QRP Contest Master)

Ron Stark ku7y at dri.edu
Thu Apr 8 14:15:47 EDT 1999

Hi All,

I'd like to invite everyone to look over the new award
from the QRP ARCI. 

The first contest that "counts" is this weekend. Come 
join in on the fun if you can.

I'll be running 240 mW and looking for all the contacts
I can get!  :-)

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Date: Thu, 8 Apr 1999 09:17:22 -0700 (MST)
From: Joe Gervais <vole at primenet.com>
Subject: Award: ARCI "Grand Slam" (QRP Contest Master) Series

     ARCI "Grand Slam" (QRP Contest Master - CW) Award 

Howdy Folks,

Do you like QRP contesting? Diving headfirst into the 
adrenaline of a crowded band with your mighty QRP signal? 
Sharpening your skills/knowledge to keep your rate up? 
Trying to keep ahead of your QRP friends to win that 
pizza you wagered? Well here's something for ya!

The ARCI "Grand Slam" (QRP Contest Master - CW) Award is
in the works. What is it? An annual award given to the 
dedicated QRP contester who manages to outpace the rest 
of the QRP Pack that year, competing in several major 

Here's how it works. QRPers will compete as normal in
the chosen contests. When the results for each 'test 
are printed, QRPers will be ranked against each other
and assigned points accordingly. At the end of the 
season, the QRPer who has the highest point total wins
a VERY spiffy award - a plaque so nice your spouse will
even encourage you to hang it in the entryway. ;-)

Here's the "Grand Slam" Contest Series List:

- ARCI Spring QSO Party  (That's THIS weekend!)
- CW Sweepstakes
- NA Sprint 
- ARCI Fall QSO Party

What do *you* have to do? Operate to the best of your
abilities in each of these contests (CW QRP category,
of course), and submit your log as usual. That's it!
A running update of "Grand Slam" standings will be 
released after each set of results becomes available.

Once the full details are worked out, *everything* will
be revealed (exact scoring details, etc). Just remember 
to operate QRP in the above 'tests and do as well as you

More details to follow. This is a "pre-announcement" to
let folks know that this weekend is the first of the five 
"Grand Slam" contests.

Go for it!

Cheers de AB7TT, 

-Joe, vole at primenet.com, Random QRPer-At-Large

"If it ain't fun, you ain't doin' it right!"  -The AZ ScQRPions


Thanks to all and let the games begin.....  :-)

73, Ron,     SOWP 5545M,

.........KU7Y.....ARCI #8829.....Monte "Ron" Stark.....
....ku7y at sage.dri.edu...........Washoe Lake, Nevada....
....QRP-L #17...ARS #49...NorCal #330.....NRA LIFE.....

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