[CQ-Contest] Re: Canadian mults

David A. Pruett k8cc at ix.netcom.com
Tue Apr 13 00:26:06 EDT 1999

CAL QSO Party has its own idiosyncracies.  When CA stations work each
other, their exchange is counties.  What is the multiplier that these
stations count for?  CALIFORNIA!!!  You figure it out.

Some misguided QSO party rulemakers take the CQP scenario one step further
- in state stations count for both the state AND the country (i.e. two
mults).  Geez, this drives contest software writers nuts!!!

In the past, the MI QSO Party "equalized" the multipliers by placing a
maximum limit on the number of mults which could be claimed by in-state
stations which was equal to the number of counties (i.e., the mults that
could be worked by out-of-state stations).  We removed this rule this year
when since this "equalization" contributes nothing to the contest.


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