[CQ-Contest] Re: Canadian mults

Robert Nash rtnash at netcom.ca
Tue Apr 13 09:15:05 EDT 1999

Hi Again

Thanks to Al, AD6E. Yes, I wondered if there were any contests still using
sections. CQP,  the ARRL 160m and SS contests are examples. How I missed the
SS is a mystery! I remember looking up the rules somewhere, but obviously
not the right place! I notice also that the SS Caribbean mults are VI and
PR, contrary to my earlier comment. What was I looking at? That will teach
me to neglect the SS for the last decade or so :-) (Wouff Hong time)

Here's a revised list:

1) 13 Multipliers (Provinces and Territories)
2) 11 Multipliers (Provinces and the lumped Territories)
3) 14 Multiplier Call Areas ( VE1-9, VO1, VO2, VY0, VY1, VY2)
4)  8 Multipliers (Sections VO/VE1/VY2/VE9, VE2-7, VY0/VY1/VE8)

Thanks for your forbearance. I hope that all this discussion will help
everyone bring their rule page up to date. By the way, Al, for the CQP and
any other "Section" rule schemes, listing the mult's out as I did above is
probably an excellent way of showing the VY0 change this year.

Carry on, gang.

73 Bob VE3KZ
ve3kz at rac.ca

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