[CQ-Contest] May 99 QST arrives

Tom Hammond n0ss at socket.net
Wed Apr 14 00:05:54 EDT 1999

Henry Pollock wrote:

>A stop by the PO box this morning resulted in the latest issue of QST.

>Elecraft has a 10 watt HF transceiver, model K2, in kit(!) 
>form for $549

If anyone's interested in this rig, drop me a note for a sked
to hear it on the air!  Up to 12W output, full QSK, HOT(!) RX,
LOW NOISE FLOOR, 5-pole xtal. filter with three programmable
bandwidths/mode, built-in memory keyer, dual VFO, more.

Used it in the QRP ARCI CW contest this weekend and it worked
every bit as well as my venerable old TS-930!

73 to all,

Tom Hammond   N0SS  One of the 100 Field Testers for Elecraft

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