[CQ-Contest] RE: [WSVHF] VHF Sprints

Russ Pillsbury k2txb at dxcc.com
Wed Apr 14 13:06:44 EDT 1999

> Kenneth E. Harker wrote:

> Subject: [WSVHF] VHF Sprints
>      It is clear to me that the current format of the Spring Sprints is
> broken.   Participation and interest in the sprints is at an all-time low,
> and without heavy-duty sponsorship, the contests are destined to die out.

> I think if we want sprint-style contesting on VHF/UHF, let's make a
> single VHF Sprint that is:
> * All band
> * On a Saturday late afternoon/evening
> * Four hours long
> * Otherwise exactly like the major VHF contests.

Sorry, although it might solve your problems, it would make the sprint into
an all out display of stamina for those of us who live in populous areas.
It would simply become a test of who could make contacts the fastest, and
keep it up nonstop for 4 hours.

I think a much better solution is for everyone to talk up the sprints and
encourage the other people in your area to get on.  Join or start a club and
make it a club activity.  Have your club issue it's own awards for
participation.  Have the club help get new people on the higher bands with
loan programs and antenna parties and club construction or purchase
projects.  Use the bands at other times than just contests to keep the
interest in those bands flowing.

I don't really think the weekday issue is very important.  Who cannot give
up the time from 7 to 11 for one night a week for a few weeks.  Heck many
people would simply be watching the TV if not contesting.  It's just a
matter of getting them interested enough to make it a priority.

73, Russ K2TXB

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