[CQ-Contest] RE: [WSVHF] VHF Sprints

George Fremin III geoiii at kkn.net
Wed Apr 14 10:58:32 EDT 1999

Russ Pillsbury writes:

> Sorry, although it might solve your problems, it would make the sprint into
> an all out display of stamina for those of us who live in populous areas.
> It would simply become a test of who could make contacts the fastest, and
> keep it up nonstop for 4 hours.

I have always been under the impression that a contest was 
designed to be just that.

It sounds like you want an "activity night".

> I think a much better solution is for everyone to talk up the sprints and
> encourage the other people in your area to get on.  Join or start a club and
> make it a club activity.  Have your club issue it's own awards for
> participation.  Have the club help get new people on the higher bands with
> loan programs and antenna parties and club construction or purchase
> projects.  Use the bands at other times than just contests to keep the
> interest in those bands flowing.

Yes - these are all good ideas.


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