[CQ-Contest] Help on choice of CW Narrow filter

Barry Kutner w2up at mindspring.com
Thu Apr 15 13:53:33 EDT 1999

> Pedro Pedroso wrote:
>  At first I thought that the 250Hz would be the best one, but on
> >second thoughts maybe it is too narrow and it would not let me
> >hear operators that are not so well tuned on my frequency but
> >still are trying to answer my call.

Personally, I like the 500 Hz filter in my FT-1000D for running. I 
really don't like keeping one hand on the RIT all the time, and I use 
my brain's DSP to do additional filtering :.)  During ARRL CW, I was at 
a mulitop and used an FT-1000MP with an IRI 500 Hz filter. I thought it 
was too narrow and did have to do a lot of tuning. Plenty of stations 
call off frequency!
73 Barry
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