[CQ-Contest] Help on choice of CW Narrow filter

Dave_K9NX n7ex at athenet.net
Fri Apr 16 04:09:41 EDT 1999

>Pedro Pedroso wrote:
> At first I thought that the 250Hz would be the best one, but on
>>second thoughts maybe it is too narrow and it would not let me
>>hear operators that are not so well tuned on my frequency but
>>still are trying to answer my call.

If you are serious about CW contesting go for the 250Hz filter. It takes a
bit of getting used to . When I am "running" on freq I use the RIT to jog
back and forth a few 10's of Khz to get the guys who haven't figured out
how to zero beat with a transceiver. When I am in S&P mode I use the fine
tunning setting (1khz/ turn versus 10khz/turn) on my TS-850 so that I
don''t tune over someone too quickly with the narrow filter.

My 2 pesos worth

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