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thompson at mindspring.com thompson at mindspring.com
Thu Apr 15 16:08:40 EDT 1999

It would be nice to define everything this simple.  For the CQ 160 contests
Single op follows the old definition (no assistance at all).  Use logging
help, packet et al and you are multi op.  I feel that few use packet (or
internet spotting) efficiently enough to break them away from the better
single operators.  I agree that they should be probably be single op...well
maybe someday.   I don't agree with the tribander and wires category which
gives them an edge over the one tower stations with tribander and 2 el 40
meter beam (K6LL, K4JRB and so on). So we can work a few more on 40....I
think it should be tribander and one tower..if you can get an 80 beam so
much the better.  I also think we need to go back to the low power mult for
SS.   Living in W5 for my early career K1ZM operating on Cape Cod should
have a quota (like the old ARRL CW DX) so I could compete....But I think the
rules should be decided by the sponsors and if they aren't broken leave them

Dave K4JRB

>><<  Categories:   Run only single transmitter/ single operator. >>
>Congratulations to TARA for defining, without question,
>the "single operator" category!!  ARRL, CQ and all other
>contest sponsors, please "take notice"!!!
>Shelby - K4WW

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