[CQ-Contest] Help on choice of CW Narrow filter

Fred W Hoffert cwman at juno.com
Fri Apr 16 12:55:56 EDT 1999

A conservative approach but I agree.  Plus, I find that to actually find
a run frequency I have to hit the 250 hz filter on the IC765 to settle
down between two other STRONG signals.  Won't do too much gud to tune too
far off because of the possibility that those guys may be calling one of
the stronger stations and not me.  I'm sure this has its costs as well
but a better chance of the guys on you are calling you and not the
others.  Yes, wider is better but....


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On Thu, 15 Apr 1999 17:51:52 -0400 "Guy Olinger, K2AV" <k2av at qsl.net>
>If one is at a beeegg contest station and you know you're the loud guy 
>the frequency, working up and down guys ok. However, for us medium and 
>so medium signals, working folks above and below the INRAD 400 hz 
>is fraught with 3 qso penalty risk. If one doesn't return a call to 
>off-frequency station, they will either get on your frequency, or they 
> were
>working someone else.  The residue that can't figure out how to work 
>you on
>your frequency aren't worth the risk.
>73, y'all.
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>> Pedro Pedroso wrote:
>>  At first I thought that the 250Hz would be the best one, but on
>> >second thoughts maybe it is too narrow and it would not let me
>> >hear operators that are not so well tuned on my frequency but
>> >still are trying to answer my call.
>Personally, I like the 500 Hz filter in my FT-1000D for running. I
>really don't like keeping one hand on the RIT all the time, and I use
>my brain's DSP to do additional filtering :.)  During ARRL CW, I was 
>a mulitop and used an FT-1000MP with an IRI 500 Hz filter. I thought 
>was too narrow and did have to do a lot of tuning. Plenty of stations
>call off frequency!
>73 Barry
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