[CQ-Contest] HC5 and ICOM

Jacques SAGET f6bee at compuserve.com
Fri Apr 16 16:15:39 EDT 1999

Many thanks to all of you for you quick and accurate reactions. The first
answers were here abt 30 mn after my posting.

Strange idea to have 8 volts DC both on the mic. pin and on a 8 V pin of
the same connector.... ICOM could have put the capacitor in the microphone
that comes with the radio.

The 706 is my first non-belt Icom and it's just OK for casual and light
DXpedition and/or 6 meter like my small 5B4/F6BEE operation in july 98. 
For your info and if all goes as expected, I should be 8Q7something in the
IARU RS contest and in the following week. I might be setting up the
antenna in the 1st hours of the contest.

I tried the blocking capacitor trick. It works but I have to yell into the
HC5 to trigger the vox! I understand why Heil issued the HMP box.
Instead of an HMP just to compensate for the low Heil output level (with
regard to Icom rigs), it would be nicer to have some kind of voice keyer in
the same box instead of cascading a lot of small boxes with separate power
supply and cascaded cost. Also much more convenient for single and light
DXpedition contesters.
What do you think of this idea? Would a MFJ voice keyer do both jobs with a
Kenwood in and Icom out configuration ?

73 from cold Paris area, de Jacques, F6BEE

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