[CQ-Contest] Re: Choice of CW Narrow filters

Bruce Sawyer zf2nt at candw.ky
Fri Apr 16 15:20:24 EDT 1999

n6tr at teleport.com wrote:
> > However, when using the narrow filter adjacent to some strong stations, I am
> > frequently asked to QSY by one of them, even though he isn't bothering me.
> > The only reason I'm there, of course,  is that I couldn't find a clear spot
> > wide enough for the 500 Hz filter.  So, am I obligated to move, or not?
> Nope.  It's a jungle out there - if you are getting results and are
> happy with the situation, then you don't have to do anything.

Sorry, I can't buy this one, and I don't think others should either.  I
believe it's the height of rudeness to plop down within someone else's
500Hz bandwidth and blast away, then simply ignore the pleas of the
fellow whose frequency you are essentially trying to steal.  It may be a
competitive environment on a crowded band during a contest, but that
shouldn't translate into "it's a jungle and anything goes if you can get
away with it".  This is surely a value judgement, but I think 500Hz is
the closest you should go in trying to horn in on somebody.  In fact,
there's really kind of a Golden Rule principle at work here, isn't
there?  There are plenty of radios that can squeeze down tighter than
250Hz (e.g. TS-870), and I don't think you'd like somebody doing this to
you on your newfound 250Hz slice.  

Bruce, ZF2NT/N6NT

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