[CQ-Contest] Re: Choice of CW Narrow filters

n6tr at teleport.com n6tr at teleport.com
Fri Apr 16 20:55:31 EDT 1999

> > Nope.  It's a jungle out there - if you are getting results and are
> > happy with the situation, then you don't have to do anything.
> > 
> Sorry, I can't buy this one, and I don't think others should either.  I
> believe it's the height of rudeness to plop down within someone else's
> 500Hz bandwidth and blast away, then simply ignore the pleas of the
> fellow whose frequency you are essentially trying to steal.  It may be a
> competitive environment on a crowded band during a contest, but that
> shouldn't translate into "it's a jungle and anything goes if you can get
> away with it".  This is surely a value judgement, but I think 500Hz is
> the closest you should go in trying to horn in on somebody.  In fact,
> there's really kind of a Golden Rule principle at work here, isn't
> there?  There are plenty of radios that can squeeze down tighter than
> 250Hz (e.g. TS-870), and I don't think you'd like somebody doing this to
> you on your newfound 250Hz slice.  

Well - I figured my comments would generate some responses.  Glad
to see a discussion about this.  

What if you are in the position of not being able to find a clear
place on the band?  I often have a problem during the 160 meter
contests.  I typically get on for a couple of hours to hand out QSOs
and have a choice between CQing up above 1900, or creating a crack.

If I can find a crack that provides QSOs for me - and not be bothered
by other people (either because they are very weak or I have a sharper
filter) - I don't see why I would have to QSY if someone decides I
am too close to them.  I am working guys in the contest - not trying
to QRM them.


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