[CQ-Contest] new CQWW CD...WOW!

DougKR2Q at aol.com DougKR2Q at aol.com
Sun Apr 18 09:32:34 EDT 1999

Hello Contesters:

Get ready for SUPER GREAT NEWS:

I just installed my BRAND NEW CQWWDX CONTEST RESULTS 1948-1997 CD and I am 
just blown away!  This has got to be the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Not only are ALL the results there, but also included is K3EST's CQWW 
HANDBOOK which identifies (IN LOGICAL ORDER) all the existing (and past) 
records.  All in one spot and searchable by call!  Whether you are a serious 
OT contester or just a beginner, this is a WONDERFUL resource to own.  Talk 
about data mining!

But one of MY favorite parts are the PHOTOS...MANY of which are in COLOR.  On 
MY machine, I can FLY through them as fast as I can click the mouse...this is 
FAST and FUN.  I really like the photo of N2AA in 5A sitting on a horse (and 
weighing what appears to be about 99 pounds)!  And the photo of Admiral (ret) 
Scott Redd from many decades ago is a real blast too (remember XE1IIJ?).

As far as I'm concerned, this is a MUST for EVERY contester.  And NO, I don't 
get any money from it (for that price, they can't take in much anyway) ...I 
just LOVE it and wanted to let everyone know!  THANKS Bob!

de Doug KR2Q

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