[CQ-Contest] Station upgrade opinions wanted

Dave_K9NX n7ex at athenet.net
Tue Apr 20 05:11:03 EDT 1999

Ok  gang........looking for the latest preferences, experiences, words of
wisdom etc

I currently use a TS-850 /TL-922 combo to contest with. I am looking to
my contest station and would like to hear the collective opinions of the
reflector. I have a budget of about $2500 ($1500 + sale of the TS-850) to
spend, and so far I am considering the following alternatives so comment on
these plus any other combo you think worthy. 

1) Buy two Kenwood TS-570's and make the jump to the two transmitter category
2) Buy one TS-870
3) Buy one FT1000MP
4)(can used FT1000D's be found for $2500, if so what should I watch out for in
this rig used?)
5)Buy another used TS-850 as a second rig ( I consider this risky since the
while a good rig is almost ten year old technology and could be a problem
getting parts for in 5 or 10 years).

If I go the two rig route (#1 or #5 above) they have to be the same.It will be
confusing enough trying to do single op / 2 rig contesting without trying to
remember where the controls are from one rig to the next.

PS:Please reply direct to n7ex at athenet.net an I will summarize next week.

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