[CQ-Contest] Station upgrade opinions wanted

Greg Gobleman k9zm at frontiernet.net
Tue Apr 20 15:05:22 EDT 1999

Hi Dave,
I must admit that I have no experience with the FT-1000's, I would however
consider that another TS850 can be had reasonable.  Then fully filter both
with International filters, maybe putting 400Hz in one and 250Hz in the
other for a choice of CW narrow.  The cost of fully filtering a FT1000 can
be substantial unless you can make a real good buy.  Don't knock 10 year old
technology, I have a TS-850 which I really like, however, I have not yet put
the 4th filter in it.  The 455 IF for SSB has to be wired in and I debated
doing it when I refiltered the rig last fall.  I also picked up another
FT-102 with the external vfo.  Much older technology than the TS850.  In the
160m phone test the FT-102 really put my TS850 to shame.  It handled a busy
band with strong signals much better and allowed me to work some really weak
stations that the TS850 couldn't hear.  I hope to improve the performance of
the TS850 with the 4th filter installed.  I would like some comments on this
4th filter mod.  On CW both rigs are superb and the TS850 really slices and
dices with the International filters.  Filters can make a big difference at
times and so can using an old Ham Band only receiver.  I did see mention of
a fellow in 8 land who will soon be publishing an article on a really neat
TS850 with a built in switching power supply.  That should be the Cats Meow
for contest traveling and dxpeditioning.

Greg K9ZM

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