[CQ-Contest] CQ WPX Prefix Questions

Jon Ogden jono at enteract.com
Wed Apr 21 00:32:24 EDT 1999

Hi all,

My logging program and I are in an argument over some prefixes from the 
WPX contest a few weeks back.  My questions seem to revolve around 
portable operations.  I ask here because I cannot determine fully my 
answers from the rules.

The best way to ask is with some examples (from actual call worked):

1.) C6A/WI9WI and W7EWC/C6A  - Are these two multipliers or one?  I say 

2.) VE3GCO/W3 and W3USS - Are these two multiplier or one?  I say one - 

3.) K6LL/7 - Does this count as K6 or K7???

4.) K5OY/K4 and K4SN - two mults or one?  I still say one.

5.) NP2N/AG0 - Is the prefix NP2 or AG0?  I say AG0.

6.) JR8FUR/1 - Is the prefix JR8 or JR1

Basically, what are specific rules regarding portable designations?

Any help that anyone can provide would be great.  Please reply directly 
to me as I don't know if I am going to stay subscribed here (do I need 
yet ANOTHER mailing list? :-) ).



Jon Ogden

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