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Rob Shapiro - ND3A nd3a at hawaii.rr.com
Tue Apr 20 20:30:15 EDT 1999

Hi Jon.  Let me take a stab at this!

At 11:32 PM 4/20/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>My logging program and I are in an argument over some prefixes from the 
>WPX contest a few weeks back.  My questions seem to revolve around 
>portable operations.  I ask here because I cannot determine fully my 
>answers from the rules.
>The best way to ask is with some examples (from actual call worked):
>1.) C6A/WI9WI and W7EWC/C6A  - Are these two multipliers or one?  I say 

One mult!

>2.) VE3GCO/W3 and W3USS - Are these two multiplier or one?  I say one - 

One mult!

>3.) K6LL/7 - Does this count as K6 or K7???

Counts as K7!

>4.) K5OY/K4 and K4SN - two mults or one?  I still say one.

One mult - K4

>5.) NP2N/AG0 - Is the prefix NP2 or AG0?  I say AG0.


>6.) JR8FUR/1 - Is the prefix JR8 or JR1


>Basically, what are specific rules regarding portable designations?
>Any help that anyone can provide would be great.  Please reply directly 
>to me as I don't know if I am going to stay subscribed here (do I need 
>yet ANOTHER mailing list? :-) ).
My understanding is when you remain in your own country (DXCC I believe)
and operate from a different call district then what your call indicates,
the prefix remains the same except for a change with the number.

If you are licensed inthe U.S. mainland but go to Hawaii, Puerto Rico,
etc., you may sign, and therefore count, as any prefix as long as it is
valid for that particular location.  There may be parallels with licensees
in other countries, i.e. Aland Island==>Finland.

Therefore, if I'm ND3A (am I?) and I operate anywhere else in the mainland,
I count as ND(0-9).  If I use ND3A from Hawaii, I can count as any of the
vaild Hawaiian prefixes (AH6, AH7, KH6, etc.)  The reverse is true if I use
WH7Q back in the mainland - I can choose any valid prefix for whatever call
district I operate from.

Hopefully, if I'm incorrect at all, someone will speak up - it never fails!

Aloha, Rob  -  WH7Q from Maui in WPX CW

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