[CQ-Contest] PSK is to RTTY what SSB was to AM

W. Wright, W5XD w5xd at alum.mit.edu
Wed Apr 21 08:52:26 EDT 1999

Its a little hard to get used to having to look at the screen to know if
anyone came back to your CQ. Several times I looked up at the screen
and saw that I was sending CQ in someone's face. I remember
WS7I showing me this effect when running a HAL-8000 TNC on 40m 
RTTY at W5WMU, but, outside of that experience, having the receiver 
audio  in one ear has always been plenty enough to know if 
somebody's there.

The fact that most signals are audible in the headphones means
it might even be better operating practice to run with no audio at all 
to the organic ears when running PSK. This would avoid creating
the illusion in the operator's mind that he/she actually knows what's
going on. On the other hand, an operator that develops the
ability to detect a PSK signal's presence by ear would have
an advantage.


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