[CQ-Contest] PSK31 comments

Marijan Miletic Marijan.Miletic at ijs.si
Thu Apr 22 12:07:40 EDT 1999

It seems to me that the major contribution of PSK31 is in showing how much
behind the modern communication techniques are the hams lagging.
All of the sudden, we realize that DSP can copy signals we can NOT even hear
despite a century of pounding Morse code on noisy shortwaves and wishing to 
preserve it as the entry point for much needed youngsters.
Forward error correction of PSK31 certainly beats 5 bit Baudot code in QRM.
However, messages are not printing much faster and never will on HF media.
PSK31 runs in SSB mode and therefore always sends supressed carrier and
unwanted sideband generating more QRM then FSK by default.  Unfortunately,
majority of modern RTTY radios use AFSK so the results are almost the same!

For our contesting fun in passing callsigns and reports, good, old Baudot is 
enough on HF.  You may expierence perfect RTTY print of the signals burried in
the noise on 10m.  For an utmost CW event, check AF9Y EME page...

73 de Mario, S56A, N1YU.

DSP made me humble CW op!

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