[CQ-Contest] PSK31 Connections

Harry A. Hodges wa6yoo at utm.net
Thu Apr 22 17:36:45 EDT 1999

Hi All,

I have successfully downloaded PSK31 into my PC (Don't laugh, for me that's
cause for celebration)

The next step is to connect my sound card to my FT-1000.  The sound card
has 3 jacks, one is sound out to the speakers, the other two are inputs

Before I foul things up, may I ask my enlightened brethren out there for

I would assume that I would connect as follows:

Sound card output jack to patch-in jack on the rear of the FT-1000

Sound card input jack (either one) to external speaker jack on rear of the

Is this correct?  All help greatly appreciated.

73, Harry

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