[CQ-Contest] Thanks for visiting

Leigh S. Jones kr6x at kr6x.com
Fri Apr 23 00:21:11 EDT 1999

I want to thank all of the contesters who stopped by my amateur radio =
web page (http://kr6x.com/arwebring.htm) after the invitation from =
Terry, W6RU went out on the reflector.  In the past day and a half I've =
received about 200 visitors to the page (which shows Terry's antennas =
that I've been using for the SS and CQWW contests since about 1992).  =
This is about 100 times the normal traffic.

In response, I've set my connection to the reflector back to "SUBSCRIBE" =
for a while.  I normally can't keep up with the e-mail load for long =
when I do that.  That gives me a chance to return the greetings that =
I've received since yesterday around noon.  I've heard from several =
contesters -- some that I haven't talked with since the WA6LXN/6 field =
day efforts in the 1970's, and one contester who worked with me for a =
while at the company that I was at through the entire 1980's decade (and =
I never even knew he was a ham) and have been butting heads with in the =
CQWW as recently as this last November.

I plan to put some contesting info on the web site before too much more =
time has passed that will be more interesting than a link to =
contesting.com and a link to NCJ, and perhaps even add some personal =
pages there for a select group of contesters.  Nothing as extravagant as =
a www.qsl.net with the disclaimers and such -- more like a few free =
pages of HTML for where you can e-mail the text and graphics files to me =
to be inserted into the site.  I've only had the kr6x.com domain since =
about the first of the year, and it's growing in popularity very fast =

So once again, thanks for visiting the site.  Keep the rate up!

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