[CQ-Contest] 1998 Sweepstakes Phone Log Check Reports

Henderson, Dan N1ND dhenderson at arrl.org
Fri Apr 23 14:41:16 EDT 1999

Hi gang:

N6TR will be returning to the states this weekend and will be ready to send
out the individual Phone Sweepstakes Log Checking reports later this
weekend.  To expedite things for him, please send an email to:

N6TR at teleport.com

In the subject line put your callsign and SS Phone Report Request: ex N1ND
SS Phone Report Request.

I would like to again thank N6TR and N5KO for all of the hours of hard work
they invested into developing and refining the Log Checking programs for

Thanks and 73

Dan Henderson, N1ND
Contest Branch Manager, ARRL

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