[CQ-Contest] Honor Sprint #2 - May 22nd

Ward Silver hwardsil at wolfenet.com
Fri Apr 23 13:29:34 EDT 1999

Turns out that June is MUCH worse than May...

Since this is a bit of a new thing and somewhat experimental, let's
experiment!  Several suggested last time that (a) it was too long and (b)
why not try the high bands?  OK - here we go.  This will be a shorter,
two-hour sprint, and run on the high bands on Saturday morning-noon.  

I picked this time period as the East Coast will just be going into the
noon slump at the end and the West Coast won't quite be open at the
beginning.  Share the pain.  Hopefully the band will be long in the
Midwest and they won't be able to work either coast :-)  

This should also pique the interest of the Europeans and South Americans
as at least some of these bands should be open between EU, SA, and NA
during this period.  Let's see some entries from around the world this
time!  If this attracts an international crowd, I'll change the scoring to
include DXCC entities as mults.

Please post this announcement to your local reflectors and packet

			CW Honor Sprint #2

Date:		May 22, 1999
Time:		1500-1700Z

Freq:		14050, 21050, 28050 plus-and-minus

Exchange, Scoring:
		Per NA Sprint rules

Reports:	via email to N0AX (hwardsil at wolfenet.com)	
		all scores must be received by 2359Z 25 May 1999

		send QSOs, Mults, Score, Category (hi/lo power)

73, Ward N0AX

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