[CQ-Contest] Re: QRQ code practice

Andi & Zoli HA1AG at compuserve.com
Sat Apr 24 18:47:39 EDT 1999

> I'm looking for recommendations on SOMETHING 
>(hardware/software) that will generate variable speed 
>cw at up to, say, 60-70 wpm.  I'm on the train for the 
>commute, so something portable is good too, 
>though not necessary.  I'm looking for real cw 
>practice, not RUFZ which only gives short bursts of 
>QRQ (and I'd like more than callsigns too).

Hi Doug,

I suggest to give a try to TESTGEN written by WI5S. It's a good old
DOS-based software, which works fine on any OS-platform. You can practice
anything you want: text, random 5 charter groups etc.  It generates well
shaped CW even at very high speeds. It used to be a shareware but as I
heard Charlie made it a freeware couple of years ago. 

I use(d) it myself to improve my CW skills. 

73 de Zoli HA1AG

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