[CQ-Contest] SS Summary Comments VE4GV

Robert Kaufmann rkaufman at videon.wave.ca
Sun Apr 25 03:40:16 EDT 1999

Hi SS Contesters,

I just received my summary. Very eye opening to say the
least. At 1.7 % error rate, I suppose I can't complain BUT
.... I did notice something very unusual about the busts of
my call/exchange in other people's logs.

First, the summary:

    Raw QSOs = 1740
       Dupes = 0
 Busted QSOs = 29
  Valid QSOs = 1711
Penalty QSOs = 27
  QSO Points = 3368
  Multiplier = 79
 Final score = 266072
 Error rate =  1.7% (100 X Busted QSOs / Duped QSO total)

Observation #1.
11 of the 50 errors in other peoples logs were miscopies of my
power level ie/ # B VE4GV 72 MB as opposed to the correct # A
VE4GV 72 MB.  I'm not sure how to read that. On the one hand
I'm very flattered that someone would think my signal is up there
in the "heavy hitter" category. However it does speak to the fact that
we all have to pay more attention to the precedent. That's what the
contest is all about. Maybe default pwr settings were set to B in the
logging software. Its a good idea to check before you start. Since
there are generally more A stations working the test, I default to A.

Observation #2
11 of the 50 errors in other peoples logs were miscopies of my
Ck year. They ALL said it was 67 rather than the correct 72. This
is very suspicious. While my pronunciation may have a bit of a
----------------------Howz it goin , eh ?--------------------------------
"Lake Winnipeg" swing ( that's for all you old cw guys who know
what a Lake Erie swing is) I can't see how anyone could confuse
Seven Toooooo with Six Seven.  Sounds like some database
corruption to me. Somebody's using a program that at one
time listed me as ck 67. 11 out of 50 is just too high a percentage
to be anything else. Especially when the rest of the exchange is o.k.

How do we feel about programs that allow for insertion of
last year's pwr/check/section ? Is that acceptable?

Observation #3
That Vee on the end of my call can be a problem. 9 stations
busted the call to VE4GB. Probably during a nice run where I
didn't use phonetics as often as I should have. Moral of the story:
when you have a potentially confusing suffix... use phonetics more
frequently than normal, even during runs.  Oh well, ......could be
worse............ I could be VE4VV !!! ( Ha ! Gotcha Derrick ! )

My hats off to N6TR and all responsible for this report. What a
bang up job !! I think I learned something, humbling as it
may be. And THAT'S why I love to contest !! Especially SS.

Sorry I can't make Dayton this year.  Have a cool one for me.
Year 2K for SURE !!

Rob Kaufmann VE4GV
rkaufman at videon.wave.ca

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