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George Fremin III geoiii at kkn.net
Sun Apr 25 07:30:47 EDT 1999

Robert Kaufmann writes:

> Observation #2
> 11 of the 50 errors in other peoples logs were miscopies of my
> Ck year. They ALL said it was 67 rather than the correct 72. This
> is very suspicious. While my pronunciation may have a bit of a
> ----------------------Howz it goin , eh ?--------------------------------

At first glance this might seem strange but, I dont see it 
that way.  For two years I worked at a job where I was 
on the telephone issuing permits.  I had to give people 
detailed information that they had to copy down on a 
form - one of the last bits of information they needed was
my first name.  I would say, "My name is George."
Almost 100% of the time they copied it wrong they copied 
it as Stewart (and these are only the folks who repeated it back to me.)

Now - I still get a bit confused as to how that error is 
made but I am sure that is has to do with the way my
voice sounds, the telephone headset mic and other factors.

> Seven Toooooo with Six Seven.  Sounds like some database
> corruption to me. Somebody's using a program that at one
> time listed me as ck 67. 11 out of 50 is just too high a percentage
> to be anything else. Especially when the rest of the exchange is o.k.

I sell a logging program that allows the user to recall information
form a database.  There seems to be a common misconception
that we supply this database with the software. 

We don't.


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