[CQ-Contest] SS Summary Comments VE4GV

W2CE W2CE at prodigy.net
Sun Apr 25 08:31:39 EDT 1999

> Observation #2
> 11 of the 50 errors in other peoples logs were miscopies of my
> Ck year. They ALL said it was 67 rather than the correct 72. This
> is very suspicious. While my pronunciation may have a bit of a

Strange that all 11 had the exact same error. Except for maybe a multiop
error changing ops it seems strange. I wonder if these were together in
time, or maybe from a DX cluster area where the wrong CK was posted and
cluster uses got caught ? There has to be a reason for eveyone that
busted it to all have the same report. The 2 CK's don't even sound

       73,  Bob Reed,  W2CE

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