[CQ-Contest] It's SV, not SCV!

Dennis Vernacchia dennisv at qualcomm.com
Fri Apr 23 21:49:12 EDT 1999

Don't feel bad, as much as we try to tell stations,
they continue to log San Diego as SD and not SDG

I don't know the solution to this one either and it
costs us every year in SS SSB.

73, Dennis N6KI

 At 05:53 PM 4/24/99 -0700, n6tr at teleport.com wrote:
>> An interesting note...Tree also included a new section in the error 
>> report, where OTHERs miscopied MY exchange.  They lost the QSO and I did 
>> not.  There were 191 such "other station errors" out of my 2057 raw QSO 
>> total.  And a VAST MAJORITY of those stations put down my section as 
>> "SCV" when in fact I am in "SV" (Sacramento Valley).  I have long 
>> suspected people don't know the difference and have tried to say things 
>> like "Sacramento Valley, that's "sugar victor"".  But that hasn't seemed 
>> to make the difference...and now that I know I don't get penalized for 
>> other's errors, I am probably just wasting my own time.
>I think "sugar victor" would be the best one to use.  Sacramento
>Valley has a C in it.
>If (and this is a big IF) we ever got to the point of removing
>QSOs from both logs - being in Sacramento Valley, San Francisco,
>South Florida, Oregon or Orange sections would be a real handicap.
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