[CQ-Contest] VE4GV wrong check

Robert Kaufmann rkaufman at videon.wave.ca
Mon Apr 26 04:08:30 EDT 1999

> Interesting discussion about 67 versus 72.
> Here is more data:
> The QSO numbers where the wrong check was copied are:
> 10, 148, 197, 244, 540, 617, 634, 686, 698, 830 and 887.
> There were no other errors made on the check!
> Very interesting.
> Tree

After a number of acknowledgements along the lines of "QSL the
67 WI, you're......." I learned that some people were copying 6 7
out of "check 7" and somewhere the 9 just got lost in the noise.

I don't say "check" anymore......

Mike  K9NW

I think Mike has the right answer. The "check Seven" part of the
"check Seven Two" was being copied as "Six Seven".  Very
astute on his part. Thanks for the help Mike.  I guess there is
some liability involved in mentioning the word "check" when
giving the exchange. THAT'S something I can use for next SS.

Thanks for the help fellas


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