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Guy Olinger, K2AV k2av at qsl.net
Mon Apr 26 16:28:43 EDT 1999

On Mon, 26 Apr 1999 03:08:30 +0100, you wrote:

>> Interesting discussion about 67 versus 72.
>> Here is more data:
>> The QSO numbers where the wrong check was copied are:
>> 10, 148, 197, 244, 540, 617, 634, 686, 698, 830 and 887.
>> There were no other errors made on the check!
>> Very interesting.
>> Tree
>After a number of acknowledgements along the lines of "QSL the
>67 WI, you're......." I learned that some people were copying 6 7
>out of "check 7" and somewhere the 9 just got lost in the noise.
>I don't say "check" anymore......

Wow. Without the log checking this one wouldn't have come to light.
I'm keeping notes.

>Mike  K9NW
>I think Mike has the right answer. The "check Seven" part of the
>"check Seven Two" was being copied as "Six Seven".  Very
>astute on his part. Thanks for the help Mike.  I guess there is
>some liability involved in mentioning the word "check" when
>giving the exchange. THAT'S something I can use for next SS.
>Thanks for the help fellas
>Rob VE4GV

73, Guy
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k2av at qsl.net
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