[CQ-Contest] New Asia-pacific Sprint Times/Bands

James 9V1YC jamesb at pacific.net.sg
Sun Apr 25 12:49:18 EDT 1999

With the increase in activity and propagation on the higher bands, the 
Asia-Pacific Sprint committiee has decided to modify the bands and times 
for future Asia-Pacific Sprints. These will include 15m, and more 
appropriate times to cover the entire Asia-Pacific region.

They are:

 Summer (15m/20m SSB) - 2nd Saturday of June     (12 June 1999) 1100-1300 UTC
 Fall   (15m/20m CW)  - 3rd Sunday of October    (17 Oct. 1999) 0000-0200 UTC
 Spring (20m/40m CW)  - 2nd Saturday of February (12 Feb. 2000) 1100-1300 UTC
 Summer (15m/20m SSB) - 2nd Saturday of June     (10 June 2000) 1100-1300 UTC
Suggested frequencies: 
  CW  - 15m: 21030-21050, 20m: 14030-14050, 40m: 7015-7040 kHz
  SSB - 15m: 21350-21380, 20m: 14250-14280 kHz

For complete rules and scores, including the latest results from AP Sprint #12 
which was held in February, please see:


There will also be some slight modifications to the prizes beginning with 
the AP Sprints in 2000.

Plaques for AP10 and AP11 held in June and October 1998 are due out of Japan 
soon, so please QRX and they will arrive shortly. All T-shirts for 1998 have 
been mailed out as of December 1998.

73, and see you all in the next AP Sprints!

James, 9V1YC

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