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thompson at mindspring.com thompson at mindspring.com
Sun Apr 25 13:46:57 EDT 1999

The section names problem is usually a computer logging problem not a
problem with the QSO.   On Phone the ARRL taught everyone to say the name
(interference not QRM, Georgia not GA).   Now the computer comes along and
confuses the matter by requiring the accepted abbreviation for the state or
section.   Many hand logs often wrote out the state name and I still get a
few hand logs that way for the CQ WW 160 contests.

I understand the problem in the ARRL Dx or Cq WW 160 where the LU or DL
don't understand the abbreviations so we tell them  "Golf alpha" or "mike
sierra".   But for the ARRL SS SSB why do we have to use abbreviations.
Say the name and each station should have a list of abbreviations and after
a couple of years its second nature to write GA for Georgia.   K6LA should
not lose contacts for stations on SSB logging him as LA especially if he
says "Los Angeles".    On CW the correct abbreviation should be sent as
abbreviations are for CW not SSB.    The Old man is turning over in his
grave.   I vote to return to saying the name!

Dave K4JRB

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