[CQ-Contest] SS Log Check tidbit

Dan Levin djl at andlev.com
Sun Apr 25 15:38:32 EDT 1999

Just got my SS phone log check back - thanks much to N6TR and N5KO!

Interesting tidbit.  Of the 7 exchanges I broke, 3 weren't actually errors -
at least from my perspective :-)  In each case, I got the correct
state/province, but typed an incorrect abbreviation.  Two of them were AL
for AB (Alberta), and one was MI for MS (Mississippi).  I'm quite sure that
I heard the right thing, I just wrote down the wrong thing.

The lesson for me here is that I need to brush up on abbreviations.

This also points out an interesting potential feature for log checking
programs.  Such software might have a list for domestic contests that maps
prefixes to location abbreviations, and do an autofill/autocorrect (or at
least ask for confirmation).  In the case of AL for a VE6, such a feature
would surely have caught my mistake.  Word has auto spelling correction
after all :-)

            Dan Levin, N6BZA

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